9th December 2015

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Calling All Plant Researchers, Artists and Plant Lovers!


Science increasingly supports the concept that plants and trees operate with an innate intelligence and logic diverse from our own. Music of the Plants allows people around the world to connect with this intelligence. Doing so encourages people to go beyond traditional ways of thinking and expand their awareness of how they relate to plants, trees and nature in general.

Through passion, research and dedication, Damanhur and Music of the Plants have become leaders in the area of education on plant intelligence, but we do not stop there. Extensive research continues today as we become increasingly conscious of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us when we have the tools to listen.

Music of the Plants would like to collaborate with you to fully understand the benefits of plant music and to decipher the musical language of plants. We encourage you to Research, Experiment and Share your Experiences with us!

If you have a memorable experience, found a scintillating video, captured a plant concert or would like to tell us about a fascinating research study, please use the form below. Our Music of the Plants staff reads everything and will publish it on this website and via our social networks.

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Would you like to tell us about a personal experience you have had with plant music or share the latest plant research or study you have discovered?
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